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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How To: Get Organized: Makeup

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Do you know how frustrating it can be when you're doing your makeup and you are looking for a certain eye shadow or a certain brush and it is no where to be seen? It's okay, you're not alone. I know how hard it can be to organize makeup because there are not many storage systems out there dedicated to makeup, so this is where you have to start getting creative with it. I have put together some simple ways to organize your makeup so finding a product will no longer be a problem.

First, you need to have a place where you plan on keeping all of your makeup such as a vanity. I recommend keeping your makeup in your bedroom rather than your bathroom, because the steam and heat from the shower can cause it to grow bacteria a lot faster, which means you will have to get rid of it faster. Also, if possible, put your desk/vanity in an area of the room that has a lot of light. In front of a window would be ideal because you will have all of the natural light to do your makeup, but if not, put it somewhere where you have good lighting. 

1. Eye Shadows:
-Palettes- If you have eye shadow palettes, such as the ones from MAC, organize them by color. Each palette should have its own color, putting the lighter colors on top and the darker ones on the bottom. You can label the outside of the palettes with the color name to find them easily. This way you can find your colors quickly and easily when trying to achieve a certain look. To store your palettes, you can either store them in a drawer or in a paper sorter
-Individual Eye Shadows- If you prefer to buy your eye shadows individually, then you can organize them in a nail polish rack. Mac eye shadows fit perfectly in nail polish racks so it is easy to store them. These should also be organized by color, it will be easier to find the color you are looking for and it will look neater.

2. Foundations,Concealer, Powder, Primer, Blush/Bronzer:
-You can keep all of your foundations, primers, and blushes/bronzers in a drawer tower. You have separate drawers so you can put blushes in one, bronzers in another, and your foundation, powder, concealer and primers in another. The good thing about the drawer tower is, if you need more storage, you can stack them one on top of the other. 

3. Mascara and Eyeliner:
-You can keep all of your mascara and eyeliner in the drawer tower. Dedicate a specific drawer for them and you can put small baskets in it to separate your eyeliners from mascaras. You can also put your brow pencils in here. If you have a lot of eyeliners and mascara you can have a separate drawer for them. 

4. Lip Glosses and Lipstick:
- To organize your lip gloss, you can also put them all in a drawer in the drawer tower, or you can put them in a marker caddy. If you want to save space you could also store your lip glosses in the drawer tower. For your lip sticks, you can store them in a lipstick holder. This is really handy because it is designed specially for lip sticks and you can keep it on your desk top or put it in a drawer. 

5. Makeup Brushes:
-Makeup brushes can be stored in many different ways. They can be put in the drawer tower, or you can keep them in a brush roll, but i recommend keeping them in a large glass vase. To keep the brushes standing up straight fill the vase half way with bean bag fillers. You can either keep all of your brushes in one vase, of have separate vases for different brushes (one for eyes, face, lips, etc...). You can also keep your brushes in a makeup brush holder. Although it will not work for those of you who have a lot of brushes, it is great for the ones who only have a couple brushes. Or you can keep your everyday brushes in it, and put your less used brushes in a large vase. 

6. Beauty Accessories:
-You can store your cotton balls and cotton swabs in an acrylic cotton ball holder, it is great because you can have it right where you need it and  it still looks nice. If you have cotton rounds you can get a cotton pad dispenser. If you want to keep your makeup remover/alcohol in an easy to access dispenser, I recommend the push down alcohol dispenser, because you can just push a cotton ball on top of it and the liquid fills up your cotton ball without you having to use two hands. For all of your other accessories such as tweezers, eyelash curlers, sharpeners, or mascara wands, you can store them in a cosmetic organizer

Happy Organizing and Good Luck! (:

P.S. Let me know in the comments any other organizing tips you have!

*All opinions are my own, I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned.

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