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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stylemint, Jewelmint, Shoemint

Stylemint, Jewelmint, and Shoemint are 3 websites where you take a free style quiz to find out what your personal style is. Then, a showroom is made each month with new products that best match your style. It is completely free to create your profile. There is no obligation to buy, but if you do decide to purchase something, shipping is free in the US.
Also, with each product the stylists each say how they would style each piece and different ways to wear it.
For more info on how these websites work, look here:

Above is an outfit I put together with pieces from each site. 
1. Call To Arms Bracelet - Jewelmint
2. Starburst Ring - Jewelmint 
3. XO Rings - Jewelmint 
4. World's End Earrings - Jewelmint 
5. Lady Luck Rings - Jewelmint 
6. Broadway T Dress - Stylemint 
7. Edith - Shoemint 
8. Kathy - Shoemint 

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