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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nicki Minaj For OPI: Review

Last month I did a post on the Nicki Minaj Collection For OPI that came out in January, which was just talking about what colors I was most excited to try and stuff like that. Because the line hadn't hit stores yet, I was just judging off pictures, but now that they are in stores I can get a better opinion of them. 

The two colors I was most excited to try were the glitter polishes 'Metallic 4 life' and 'Save Me'. These colors aren't opaque as I expected them to be, especially 'Save Me', in order to get it opaque you would have to do quite a few coats, probably around 3 to 4. 'Metallic 4 Life' was a little more opaque the 'Save Me', but you would still have to do 2-3 coats. 'Save Me' would also be a really pretty top coat over any of the other shades in this collection as well. Overall, I would buy purchase 'Metallic 4 Life' and 'Save Me'. I also really liked 'Pink Friday' and 'Fly'. I think that these two colors would be perfect for Spring and Summer. 'Super Bass Shatter' was also one of my favorites, it wasn't as thick as the Black Shatter by OPI so it was a lot easier to apply. It was such a pretty color and would look good over a large variety of colors.

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