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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Everyone! I'm curious to know what everybody is dressing up as, so let me know what you were in the comments below. Below are some of my favorite Halloween finds. I hope you enjoy!

 -First is these super cute Halloween nails by obsessedwithNAILS! I love these, they are so festive looking, and you will definitely stand out while rocking these.

-Or these Halloween nails, which are a little more subtle than the ones above by cutepolish. They are super easy to do and they really cute!

-I also love these delicious looking Halloween treats. I will definitely have to try some of these next year! 

-Or, if sweets aren't your thing, try making these delicious pumpkin seeds. I make these every year after I carve my pumpkin! 

Submit a picture, tutorial, or just a description of your Halloween costume in the comments below! Also, share any of your Halloween traditions or any great Halloween finds that you may have! 

Have a great Halloween! 

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